Honda Care Roadside Assistance

Customer Perspective

Honda Care Roadside Assistance
1 This document is intended to provide an overview of coverages and benefits. Actual coverages, limitations, and exclusions may vary. See your Service Contract and CCMC Membership Guidelines and/or Emergency Roadside Assistance Guidelines for complete details.
2 These benefits are provided by Cross Country Motor Club, Inc., except in Florida, where they are provided by American Honda Service Contract Corporation, and in AK, CA, HI, OR, WI and WY, where they are provided by Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc. In California, Trip-Interruption Reimbursement is provided by American Honda Protection Products Corporation.
3 Up to $100 per occurrence; does not include parts.
4 Towing is available when the vehicle is unable to proceed safely due to a mechanical failure.
5 Excludes natural-gas vehicles.
6 Available only for the U.S. and Canada.
7 Concierge service is not available in Florida.

Coverage for a New Plan begins when the vehicle is originally put into service and at zero miles. Coverage for a Used Plan begins on the vehicle service contract purchase date and at the mileage on the odometer on that date.

©2011 Honda Financial Services is a DBA of American Honda Finance Corporation and both are service marks of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Honda, the H-mark symbol, and Honda Care are trademarks of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Administered by: American Honda Finance Corporation
Provided by: American Honda Protection Products Corporation
Provided in Florida by: American Honda Service Contract Corporation
P.O. Box 2225, Torrance, CA 90509-2225. License #60083

Program Information

Features & Benefits

National Toll-Free Assistance

800-594-7400, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Roadside Assistance 1,2

Should the need arise, Honda Care® can be there to help you on your way. With Honda Care, in most cases, you just "Sign & Drive."3

  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Towing4
  • Lockout service
  • Battery jump-start
  • Tire change
  • Fuel delivery5

Trip-Interruption Benefit1,2

If a mechanical breakdown disables an eligible Honda vehicle more than 100 miles from home, reimbursement for customers' food and lodging expenses are covered for up to 3 consecutive days. The maximum benefit is $100 per day ($300 maximum per occurrence).

Personalized Travel Plan2,6

Customers can receive detailed trip routing packages with computerized itineraries, Honda dealer locations, destination stops, mileage between destinations and projected driving times between stops.

Concierge Emergency Service1,2,7

Emergency Airline Tickets

If customers' Honda vehicles are disabled, Honda Care can assist in determining available flights and ticketing and can arrange for the delivery of airline tickets.

Emergency Cash Advance

Honda Care Roadside Assistance can arrange for the delivery of up to $1,000 to any of 10,000 Western Union offices nationwide, subject to the customer's personal credit card line authorization.

Shipment of Personal Items

While traveling in their Honda vehicles, customers can use Honda Care Roadside Assistance to help arrange emergency shipment of personal items such as medications, eyeglasses, passports or other travel-related items if lost or stolen.

Insurance Claim Assistance

In the event of an accident with their Honda vehicles, Honda Care Roadside Assistance can contact an insurance claims adjuster to aid in expediting their claims.

24-Hour Weather Information

Is available to customers through Honda Care Roadside Assistance.

Urgent Message Relays

Up to three urgent messages can be communicated for your customers. For example, contacting a spouse, family member or workplace.

Auto Glass Replacement Referrals

Can be made to nearby authorized replacement facilities or to arrange on-site installation or assistance.

Special Emergency Assistance

Can assist in arranging any other reasonable emergency services such as notifying state or local police of emergency situations, travel arrangements requiring special accommodations and more.